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How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Play the Guitar?

Many inspired beginners have only one question on their mind: how long it will take them to learn the guitar. Let’s try to give the most honest and objective answer to this question.

Define your goal

When answering the question, it’s essential to understand what you mean by that. You may want to learn a song or specific chords. Your goal may be to play amazing solos at music festivals. The time needed to reach these aspirations is sure to be different. For instance, when you get Hotel California guitar tabs, you’ll need a couple of basic lessons and practice the song. Well, you are done now. However, if you aim to write music or develop in this sphere professionally, it’ll take much more than that.

Regular practice is your key

It’s also important to measure time not in days or years but in the number of effective and productive practices. Regular practices for at least 30 minutes will greatly influence your skills in the long run. In case, however, you don’t stick to a schedule and practice only when you wish by playing what you like, the process will take you much longer and not much farther.

Set up some small goals that can be your milestones. Step by step you’ll achieve the new level and see the progress every time you get to the goal. It’s impossible to become a professional overnight. It’s equally impossible to be good at playing the guitar if you don’t track your progress.

Use these small tips to define what you want and how much it’ll take you to learn the guitar.