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Cite Poem That Will Attract The Listener

The poem must be in a type so that listener must be entertained and find something new in it, so the person who is writing any poem must write in a different and new format that will change the way of storytelling and must include citation.

In-text citation

If you are writing a poem in MLA style then you have to follow three rules-

  • The page number must include the line number so that it becomes very easy to analyze the poem in a very simple manner.
  • While citing the poem you are not required to mention the line number that is only there for your convenience of understanding it not for citing.
  • Thirdly the poem must cover books, scenes, cases and other segments of the point that you are trying to focus.


If you are using quotations then you have used it such a format that will suit your poem. You will find two types of quotations one is short another is long both of these are somewhat similar and if you want to know the exact difference between both of these then do online survey on https://wr1ter.com/ and you will get all necessary information.