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Create Your Strategy of Making Money on Surveys

Many people join panels like SwagBucks or InboxDollars out of curiosity or to get some cash back from shopping. However, they often provide with a much better way to get extra cash. Taking surveys can bring you a good monthly bonus if you are smart about your moves. Let’s find out how to come up with a strategy and start making real money on surveys.

Build a Working Strategy

Your strategy is a very important factor for your success. The first step is to know which sites to join. Join only the best panels with a good reputation and reliable payouts. Find the complete list at surveyclarity.com. While it’s a great idea to join several sites at once, don’t exceed 5 sites. Most of the invitations come to your inbox. If it’s cluttered with dozens of cheap-valued invites, you won’t see the best offers.

The next element of your strategy should be deciding whether you choose points or cash. While you don’t have to stick to one option, it might be confusing when you open e-mails. Create a conversion system, so that every time you open a letter, you could see how much money you’ll actually make.

Finally, your strategy must have some time management. Think of how to spend your free time effectively to get the most profit in the shortest timeframe. Try choosing certain days when you can afford to spend a couple of hours doing the surveys. Set up a routine and get used to taking surveys at certain hours in the morning or in the evening.